Landon Gonsalves

VP External

Matt Fiegel

External Associate

Finance major with a certificate in Real Estate, intentions on completing CFA after graduation. Recently Matt completed a summer internship at Lizotte and Associates to better his financial knowledge in Real Estate. During his work placement Matt believed it was vital to continue to grow his network, meeting with bankers and mortgage brokerages to better understand how these industries relate to the Real Estate market. Matt plans to find a full time occupation in Commerical Banking once he graduates. Matt believes he can take this experience and knowledge gained in from this industry in hopes to move into Property Management later in his career.

Landon is a motivated, first year business after degree student. After completing his BSc in psychology, he decided to follow his interest of business. Not knowing where he fell in the world of business, Landon decided to attend the VIP opening night. The University of Alberta Real Estate Club immediately felt like a great club to get involved with as he was surrounded with like-minded people in similar situations. Landon’s future goals include obtaining a Certificate in Real Estate and becoming more involved with the industry. In his free time, Landon enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, and traveling.