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UARC is recruiting a limited number of Associate positions to assist with:

Events & Marketing operations for the 2020-2022 School Year.

* Requirements: Keen, positive, ambitious first and
second year business students with an interest in any of the


  • Planning and budgeting events well in advance to ensure proper organization.

  • Ensuring events are logistically sound, well organized and easy to navigate.

  • Discussing and documenting ways as to which events can be improved on for upcoming years.


Marketing & Communications:

  • Ensuring effective marketing efforts are in place and carried out on time.

  • Managing UARC social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).

  • Sending emails on behalf of the club for updates on club events, news, etc., via MailChimp.

  • Assisting in designing club materials such as posters, banners, cards, etc. through use of Adobe Photoshop.



  • Managing reimbursements, creating invoices, and ensuring financial documents are recorded, stored and up to date.



  • Contacting companies periodically to ensure they are informed of upcoming events and are aware of opportunities to get involved.

  • Promote corporate involvement within the School of Business.

  • Finding innovative ways to get students/corporates involved with club events.



  • Manage internal operations including, but not limited to: UARC Google Drive, Email, Eventbrite and Bearsden.

  • Contacting the School of Business and Students Union to ensure proper documentation is in place.

  • Assisting with turnover at year end and onboarding of new executives.


Data Intelligence:

  • Creating and managing Google Polls to help record data for internal/external use.

  • Ensuring that all attendee information is recorded and stored.

  • Visualising data for use in external outreach to sponsors.

  • Creating innovative ways to show effectiveness of club events through analytics.


  • Creating, implementing and executing methods through which both student body and industry professionals gain greater understanding of the Real Estate Program at the Alberta Schoolof Business.

  • Getting students involved with real estate related case competitions at the Alberta School of Business.

  • Researching, recording and sharing options for real estate education after graduating.

Fill out the form below and email your resume to if you'd like to get involved. The deadline to apply is September 26th, 2021.

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